According to Surajit Khanna, the African American community has faced a lot of pain and setback due to racism. A lot of theories and constitutional laws have proven how deep racist character is rooted in the lives of many. Black adults still believe the country still has a great deal…

We are happy to announce that Dr. Surajit Khanna will be a Guest on Willie Saunders CFC (Christian Fellowship Council) Radio show this Friday, June 26 on 93 AM WPAT from 3 PM to 6 PM, a major radio station that reaches into 30 Million homes. The station covers all of New York City’s 5 boroughs, Northern New Jersey, Westchester, Rockland (and parts of upstate NY), and Connecticut.

The discussion topics that Surajit Khanna will include, along with Willie’s other guests:

Black Lives Matter and Children
Juneteeth’s Education for Chlldren
Riots, Protests, and Children
Child / Sex Trafficking
Mentoring young children

Dr. Surajit Khanna is a Child Safety advocate via his work as Champion of and

Please visit his blog where he discusses many relevant issue regarding child safety

Dr. Surajit Khanna explores how riots were sparked in the US due to the police brutality towards African Americans. George Floyd a black man was killed by police on May 25.

Streets and communities that have been deserted a few days ago due to coronavirus outbreak have been in an…

Dr. Surajit Khanna, an advocate for child safety and currently the champion of Voice of the Kids walks you through the effective ways in which parents can deal with child bullying.

The fact is no parent ever wants to think of their dear child being bullied or even worse, being…

Surajit Khanna

Surajit Khanna from Spring Valley, NY is a longtime supporter of Children’s Safety issues.

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